The best materials for all types of flooring, carpets and parquet
but also curtains and wallpapers, for coordinated solutions

Our core business is represented by all types of flooring, carpets, parquet, laminates, PVC, but our offer covers all surfaces; indoor and outdoor curtains, gazebos, tensile structures, sails, wallpaper and other types of wall coverings. We offer a complete and coordinated solution for every floor, wall and window.

We support made in Italy but foreign markets too, especially emerging ones. We choose the colors accurately, as well as the highest quality yarns; a continuous research made of curiosity and professionalism. We always look for new materials and solutions, the latest trends, in collaboration with cool designers.

Almost 50 years of experience mean safety and reliability, from order to installation, but also mean be versatile and flexible in order to face any situation and request. Tradition means being able to rely on our expertise and be a point of reference for all designers.

Creative solutions for individuals and businesses such as hotels, fashion, shops, ships, with innovative materials, refined and quality fabrics to create furniture projects in which personality and comfort come together, stimulating, enveloping, relaxing environments. A journey through textures, technical fabrics and natural fibers, colors, traditional and innovative materials. The softness of carpets and rugs, the natural warmth of parquet, the countless uses of technical flooring and the creative versatility of wallpapers and curtains.

Tradition and elegance, innovation and design. New techniques, new materials and endless solutions

The softness and comfort of a textile floor with the advantages of thermal and acoustic insulation

Selected raw materials, sizes and colors, wood is, with no doubt, a natural and elegant choice

Protect from the sun or simply as furnishing indoor or outdoor, an essential design accessory

Specific materials for industrial, health and school use but also for sport and for private solutions

Standard or customized, papers and fabrics for any type of wall and creative project