Tradition and elegance, innovation and design new techniques, new materials and endless solutions

A wide range of materials, textures and colors, to create rugs of any shape and size. Tradition and care in manual production, without losing sight of new trends in design and fashion; materials are increasingly green and environmentally friendly. You can have customized product, for measures, shapes, colors and prints to satisfy any need and realize your projects.

Our best-selling collections, the most popular models, colors, materials and weaves, soft and comfortable coats

Standard measures, but extraordinary quality. Default dimensions without giving up the benefits of a high-level product

Hand-knotted rugs with precious materials and delicacy a process handed down over time, which makes each product unique

Weatherproof materials solutions for the best comfort even in the garden and terraces

If you can imagine it, you can make it happen. The only limit is the imagination tailor-made solutions with versatile materials for any shapes and colors